You can choose between different possibilities to help yourself to grow and to flower:


  1. Find clarity around issues that interfere with or block the natural creative flow in life and relationships.

  2. Prepare for a change

  3. Activate and create change in one or more different areas of life (creativity; relationships; work; health...)

  4. Find serenity and peace to deal with events in the present and future with love, clarity and strength

  5. Find more wisdom in your actions and in your life in general


  1. Find new ways to transform issues into new possibilities

  2. Come to a deeper awareness of your self and how you 'function' inside.

  3. Reconnect to the 'space' of meditation

  4. Resolve conflicts

  5. Unravel the fog of 'unawareness' and witness the new creative solutions that arise

  6. Bring light on conflicting issues and areas in your life requiring clarification

Inner Child

  1. Come to a deeper understanding of yourself

  2. Connect to your roots

  3. Bring awareness to what happened in childhood and how this affects your present life

  4. Reconnect with your talents and passions

  5. Come to a reconciliation with your own history, making peace with the wounds of the past and joyfully saying 'yes' to  the present

Crystal Sounds

  1. Relax deeply

  2. Enjoy yourself and what is, beyond opinions and ideas

  3. Connect with parts of your physical body and see how your subtle bodies are connected to each other

  4. Come to a state of inner harmony

  5. Become more deeply aware of yourself and develop this awareness

  6. Re-balance the whole mind-body-soul mechanism

  7. Dissolve stress

  8. Speed up and help the transformation processes already in place